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asmoron: C-List Internet Celebrity

famous inventer of "lazytown gifs"


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Silent Hill is Love <3

Silent Hill 2 is Love <3

Silent Hill 3 is Love <3

Silent Hill 4: The Room is Love <3

Pyramid Head is Love <3
4chan, adult swim, alternate dimensions, alton brown, animated gifs, arrested development, atheism, battlefield baseball, beards, beat takeshi, blood, boba fett, boobs, boondock saints, brazil, bruce campbell, cannibalism, cats, celebrities, chrono trigger, city of lost children, coen brothers, collecting figures, cooking, crime, ctf, david bowie, david cronenberg, david cross, death, demonology, densha otoko, dokuro-chan, doujinshi, drawing, eddie izzard, electric light orchestra, elfen lied, evil dead 2, fallout, fear and loathing, fight club, filling out interests, film noir, final fantasy 6, food network, gantz, genocide, godzilla, good eats, good movies, good music, good television, gore, gourmet coffee, gwar, h.p. lovecraft, half-life, hand sanitizer, heather mason, hentai, horror, ichii the killer, ihywyp, iron chef, japan, japanese culture, japanese food, jhonnen vasquez, jojo's bizarre adventure, kaiju, kamen rider, kung-fu movies, lazytown, lordi, m.a.m.e., mad max, manga, masks, metalocalypse, mf doom, monsters, mr. show, mst3k, murder, mutants, mutations, my name is earl, naked lunch, nazis, nintendo, nintendo ds, nyarlathotep, parallel universes, patton oswalt, pc gaming, pirating, pokémon, post apocalypse, posters, pyramid head, radioactive waste, radiohead, rain, rio natsume, robbie the rabbit, robocop, sadako, scanners, secret of mana, sega genesis, seiken densetsu, serial killers, short girls, silent hill, skulhedface, slaughtermatic, something awful, spaced, star wars trilogy, storms, super nintendo, sushi, sven co-op, takeshi miike, terry gilliam, the apocalypse, the big lebowski, the cure, the maxx, the smiths, the young ones, thunder, tim & eric, tim and eric, time paradoxes, time travel, tokusatsu, ultraviolence, upright citizens brigade, ut2k4, vegetarianism, venture bros, violence, wonder showzen, writing fiction, wryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, zombies